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Health Insurance

(Expatriate Insurance)


Are you travelling a lot or are you staying mainly outside of your home country? Our agent can offer a wide range of health insurance plans.
If you plan to get your family insured or yourself exclusively, our agent has the insurance plan that covers your requirements.

For people living in Thailand our agent offers top products from april and B.D.A.E..

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Travel and Health Insurance

Dear Host,

We are sure you undertake a lot so that your guest from Thailand feels safe and at home in Switzerland. This also includes allowances for unexpected events, such as accident or illness. With our recommended Travel Insurance you are perfectly protecting your guest and yourself against high medical, hospital and prescription drug costs. Our recommended Travel Insurances are valid worldwide (except the guest’s country of residence). 
Our agent can offer
special discount rates on the
EUROPÄISCHE Reiseversicherungs AG.


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The authorities in Switzerland and Germany plus the various offices that work on the approval of the visa will check whether there is statutory travel insurance available for your guest or not.